Gary Vaynerchuk 1 a Day Interview – The Great Business Project

Gary Vaynerchuk is doing an interview a day. Not all are on video but we will be posting his interviews that are available on video on our site to help get more exposure for his 1 a day video goal this year.

Here is the second one we noticed on video. The first is here.

Next Wave with Gary Vaynerchuk: Turning up the Tweet

Gary Vaynerchuk talks about how the average consumer is finally gaining traction and realizing how social media platforms like Twitter can cause other people to retweet a customer problem that escalates to a brand going into damage control.

Google Search, Plus Social

Search has always brought you information from across the web. Now, search gets better by including photos, posts, and more from you and your friends.

Does your website have a content marketing strategy or do you need blog management to help you get more out of social searches on Google?

Social Media and User Generated Content Causes Layoffs at CNN

There are several websites reporting on a letter from Jack Womack to the staff of CNN regarding the Layoffs at CNN.

TVNewser, Mediaite, and DigitalJournal

It read like this;

From: Womack, Jack
Sent: Friday, November 11, 2011 3:59 PM
To: *CNN ALL Cities ImageSound (TBS); *CNN ALL Cities Tech Ops

For the past three years, we have been analyzing our work process across Image + Sound, both in the field and in our editing and production areas.

Our goal has been to make sure we have the right resources in the right places to meet the demands of all of our programs. Technology investments in our newsrooms now allow more desk-top editing and publishing for broadcast and online. This evolution allows more people in more places to edit and publish than ever before. As a result of these technology and workflow changes, CNN is reducing the number of media editors in our work force in Atlanta. CNN Image + Sound will continue with high end craft editing that has positive impact on our networks and platforms.

We also spent a great deal of time analyzing how we utilize and deploy photojournalists across all of our locations in the U.S. We looked at the evolution of daytime and evening line-ups. We analyzed how stories are assigned and more importantly the ratio of stories assigned that actually make it on to our networks or platforms. We know that we have to sharpen our focus on stories assigned to ensure that this great work gets on air. We looked at production demands, down time, and international deployments. We looked at the impact of user-generated content and social media, CNN iReporters and of course our affiliate contributions in breaking news. Consumer and pro-sumer technologies are simpler and more accessible. Small cameras are now high broadcast quality. More of this technology is in the hands of more people. After completing this analysis, CNN determined that some photojournalists will be departing the company.

We cannot begin to thank these individuals enough for their service to CNN. They leave with our respect and our sincere best wishes.

Now that we have completed this three-year review, we believe that we have the right resources in the right places and the proper staffing at Image + Sound, and that the unit is well-positioned to have an even more positive impact on our networks and platforms.


The interesting part of the note to staff is “social media and user generated content” along with updated technology like smart phones that produce pictures better then┬átheir photojournalists, caused people to lose their jobs.

Social Media and technology is disrupting a lot of industries and this is one case in many more to come.

How To Set Up a Google Plus Brand Page

Google has just announced Google Plus Brand Pages for companies and businesses. You are probably thinking cool but how to I set up a Google Plus (+) Brand Page company for my website and company right?

Watch this Video and start here. Also, if you need more help check out the blog post Google created about Google Plus Brand Pages.

Tim Sanders and Liz Gannes on This Week in Social Media

About thirty minutes in Tim Sanders hits the nail on the head about how Google Adwords made and still makes a ton of people a lot of money when done right.

However Facebook Advertising isn’t working the same and how long will brands dump money into just building “likes” until they start realizing the ROI.