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Gary Vaynerchuk Talks About What He Calls “The Second Industrial Revolution”

Simon Pearce the founder of @fabricbranding and business reporter for Social Media Today interviews Gary Vaynerchuk and asks a BIG question that gets Gary Vaynerchuk going… Watch and learn what Gary Vaynerchuk thinks of big brands and fortune 500 companies…

How Gary Vaynerchuk uses Youtube and Twitter via @videofruit

Check out this teardown and video by VideoFruit that shows you how to use Twitter and YouTube more effectivelty to stand out, create more clicks, and conversions. They analyzed Gary Vaynerchuk’s techniques on Twitter and YouTube to show you how to be…Read More »

Gary Vaynerchuk on the Future of Social Media and Social Media For Small Business

Check out this interview by ugurus with Gary Vaynerchuk as they discuss the future of Social Media and why most small business don’t win on Social Media platforms. Big takeaways; Marketers ruin everything Social Media is a gateway drug to your landing…Read More »