Facebook has had the capability to offer Facebook Fan Pages which turned into consumers being able to “like” your Facebook business page for years.

But I guess now with Google Plus and their anticipated roll out of Google Plus Business profile pages Facebook has now finally decided to create a dedicated “Facebook for business” page to make it easier for small businesses to understand the set up, options, and value of getting their business on Facebook.

This seems a little late to the game. Not sure why they didn’t have a dedicated page like this before similar to Google’s Adwords page and now Google’s Adwords Express.

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  1. social media management

    Facebook is a marketing opportunity that you cannot pass up as a small business. Many large businesses use Facebook as a way to market themselves, and as a small business you should be thinking of marketing yourself on Facebook.

  2. Blog de Montréal

    The appeal for raising out of this group is getting larger and larger. On top of being brain spammed by thousands of spots non-stop and everyday, they can’t just keep the same project for over 6 minutes nowaday. We created a generation of brainless individuals who are totally numbed to any human regular feelings.

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