Facebook for Small Business Marketing and Advertising

Facebook has had the capability to offer Facebook Fan Pages which turned into consumers being able to “like” your Facebook business page for years.

But I guess now with Google Plus and their anticipated roll out of Google Plus Business profile pages Facebook has now finally decided to create a dedicated “Facebook for business” page to make it easier for small businesses to understand the set up, options, and value of getting their business on Facebook.

This seems a little late to the game. Not sure why they didn’t have a dedicated page like this before similar to Google’s Adwords page and now Google’s Adwords Express.

Gary Vaynerchuk talks about Google Plus Circles and Resetting

Google Plus is on a tear. Google just announced in their conference call today that they already have 10 million users in less then two weeks and this was with Beta limited inviting. Gary Vaynerchuk talks about how Google Circles, resetting, and Google launching business profiles soon are three main reasons why Google Plus will stick as a social play for Google.