Gary Vaynerchuk talks about Google Plus Circles and Resetting

Google Plus is on a tear. Google just announced in their conference call today that they already have 10 million users in less then two weeks and this was with Beta limited inviting. Gary Vaynerchuk talks about how Google Circles, resetting, and Google launching business profiles soon are three main reasons why Google Plus will stick as a social play for Google.


Social Media Revolution 3

The Social Media Revolution videos by Erik Qualman who wrote the book Socialnomics are the most watched social media statistical videos online.

He has used these social media videos to educate and inspire people to use these new digital platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Here is the new Social Media Revolution 3 video

Here are the Social Media Revolution Videos that kicked it off.


Google’s Black Navigation Bar Testing Another Move Towards Social?

So Google is testing a new black navigation bar and it’s all of the news. But our first gut instinct was this is another move towards social. Without even seeing the bar at first we could already picture the “sign in” button becoming more prominent.

And if you need the picture here it is. The interesting part is we haven’t read in any of the big time search news blogs them talking about how this can be a move towards social. Maybe we are jumping the gun on Google’s social networking strategy. What do you think?

Google's Black Navigation Bar for Social Network