Instagram Video: Why Vine is Dead #RIPvine

Check out this video on why Danny Vega with thinks Vine is dead with Instagram’s new Video update.

Do people really need multiple video apps? (Keek, Instagram, Vine)

Are you getting burnt out with all these apps doing the same thing and think eventually there will be social media consolidation?

vine vs instagram

B.J. Mendelson (Social Media Is Bullshit) Interview

B.J. Mendelson is interviewed in these videos and asked about what he shares in his book Social Media is Bullshit.

He points out that people shouldn’t blindly follow all the “social media experts” figure out what platform works for you and how you want to use it like “feeling good, connecting with people”…

Learn more about why he thinks Social Media is Bullshit and watch these videos.

Chatting With Social Media & Branding Guru Gary Vaynerchuk

Why one CEO doesn’t outsource Social Media

Caryn Siedman Becker, CEO of Clear, explains why she brought her social media work in-house, and why it’s much more effective than when it was run by an agency.

Rebecca Robertson Says Only 6% Visited Park Avenue Armory Exhibit Because of Social Media

Check out this interview where Park Avenue Armory President Rebecca Robertson sat down to discuss social media with Gary Vaynerchuk at the NYC offices of VaynerMedia as part of Gary’s plan to do one interview a day everyday of 2013.

Rebecca Robertson started off the interview with a tough question for Gary Vaynerchuk about her survey results showing only 6% came to an exhibit┬ábecause of “Social Media“. See his answer…